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dirtball mk I

Chris Perry relates a long, sad story about some clown who has learned to
use the auto insurance business for his own gain.

>Anyway, to make a long story short (too late) the whole process took
>nine months and I got $2,000 for my car - 85 4ks, fortunately I had
>uninsured motorist coverage- and he got $12,800 for his "efforts".  

>Other interesting details about this person; He had a history of driving
>without a license that dated back to 1978, he had 3 children here in the
>states and "several" illegitimate children in his home country, he had
>been in a serious accident one year previous to our "interaction" and
>had sustained injuries that he was still undergoing therapy for(can you
>say pre-existing condition?), he has not been gainfully employed for 10
>years(according to the IRS, no taxes), all in all a sterling individual.

When I lived in Miami (1969), I knew a guy who did this kind of stuff. He
would get into accidents almost exactly like Chris described, stay in the
hospital a week or so, and milk the system for all it was worth.

He was into other stuff, too. Stole from gas stations he worked in, all
kinds of crap, and that will give you some slight idea about his ethics and
morals in general.

HOWEVER - he moved to California in 1970, and a few years later I heard he
had been shot dead by his wife's latest boyfriend. What goes around comes
around. No loss.

Mandatory Audi content: A few days ago I was looking for the cause of a
surging or bucking problem in my 5 Ks - turns out the gas station got a
load of contaminated gas - a dash of diesel or kerosine or something -
article in local paper - "We dunno nuthin" from pump jockeys, fillup
somewhere else, problem gone.

Best Regards,

Mike Arman