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Re: The saga continues... (long)


I know where you are coming from.  After I bought my QSW, the front 
power window broke.  I spent hours and days fixing it.  Then, the back 
passenger door would not open.  The latch was broken.  Hear is a puzzler 
for you all:  how do you fix/replace the latch if you can't get the door 
open.  I finally was able too, but I would say it was about 90% luck 
that I was able to do it.

In addition to the window and the door, I got it home to find no brake 
lights - fixed them with a new switch.  The back power window would not 
go up (mystery short?).  The Denon tape deck would not play tapes, it 
would just flip from one side to the other (opened it up and actually 
found that the drive belt came off - put it back and it works fine).

I think that with every car that has been owned by one person for a long 
time, a new owner will find lots of problems.  These things developed 
over the years, and the owner just got used to them.  I assure you that 
once some of the initial issues are repaired, you should have relatively 
smooth sailing for a while.  The fundamental mechanics are good.  You 
are not likely to suffer a complete failure in the drivetrail.  When 
these little things do crop up, you have us to turn to for help.

Enjoy your QSW!
Matthew Brenengen

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