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Regarding Scott's latest post:

I understand the assumptions that are being made [I think], I also understand what the BMEP has to do with what we drive.  But, the million dollar question then is:  Why is this car so fu*king fast?  I know, I know, my ass is not calibrated and all that, but seriously, this has me intrigued.  I have ridden in a 5series with the stock RS2 turbo and Stage II, don't know what else if anything was done but this seemed way better.  Now, I understand how you can build a motor for short-term, high maintanence life [btdt x 2much].  But, the idiot in me keeps coming back to the egt's.  Whatever those numbers do not mean, they do mean the motor is getting plenty of fuel / dense air, no?  Now, could you have an over-rich condition and see this?  Maybe.  I saw [felt] no evidence of that.

Conclusion?  Don't have one yet.  But, seems like we have exceptional intercooler work / fuel system work, that is a given.  Hmmmm.  Maybe the turbo ain't what one thinks it is?  Back to my think tank I go....