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Re: Flow

Thanks for the notes Scott, couple of thoughts:

1.  Phil, this is my last post on this [at least til I digest the numbers already on my plate].

2.  I do not see the RS2 turbo as the solution for me for several reasons.  First, as documented by VW / Audi Car mag,  and by the trip I took in a stock one, the thing has lag that I find intolerable.  You like it?  Good, buy it.   Second, as soon as you modify an RS2 turbo you no longer have an RS2 turbo.  What you have is a very costly turbo that may have had its low end problems solved, but, it ain't the RS2 anymore.  Finally, our cars suffer from fuel problems when modified.  Graydon has found it and his own solution, and deserves mucho credit for doing it.  Since I don't have Graydon's talents in the fuel department, I have looked elsewhere.  When it is done on my car--I will report.  

3.  As for the comment about Ross and Eric's ego, that is a shot along the lines Mr. Goggins took the other day.  I don't play that game.  Frankly, I think the list suffers when we talk shit.  I want results--nothing else.