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Duty Cycle Meters?

>  #      Second problem, under acceleration when the WOT switch operated the 
>  #      duty cycle would drop to 50%. This indicates (on a MAC02 anyway) that 
>  #      the idle switch is still closed. So I'd be happily accelerating away 
>  #      until I hit the WOT switch, which instead of richening the mixture 
>  #      actually leaned it out. Cool thing about this "feature" was the 
>  #      temperature sensitivty of it. Hooking up a voltmeter to the idle 
>  #      switch prior to this showed the idle switch to be functioning 
>  #      normally?
>  #      
> ... too bad we can't call up the OXS duty cycle on our trip computers, at 
> least for those of us that have them (my 4k & 5ks do, the urq doesn't)

There has been some interest in a duty cycle meter, so I'm going to
be designing one around a PIC and a couple of 7 segment displays.
Who would be interested given a cost of $20 to $30?