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'93 90 CSq: Ventilation/climate control problem - fogging

Now that it's getting cold here in Minnesota, I've noticed a problem with
the ventilation in my '93 90 CSq.  

The major symptom is fogging of windows when the temperature gets close to
freezing.  In the winter months I run the climate control on full AUTO.
The recirculate and A/C lights are not on.  I see the normal fan motor
start on warmup and the motor slows when the target temperature is
achieved.  The outside air temperature gauge is behaving properly.

Another interesting symptom is that the A/C behavior is erratic.  Sometimes
I can get the A/C to come on, other times not.  Occasionally, the A/C will
come on at start when it was not selected previously.

The recirculate button does not cause the recirculate light to come on.

No noticeable loss of coolant or coolant odor.  The controller will direct
air to the proper vents.

Other useful information:  this summer I was having problems with warm air
from the vents when the system temperature was set to LO.  The shop
replaced the actuator for the warm air door, but it didn't seem to help a

The car is missing the large under-engine cowl.

Any suggestions?  The AllData CD is useless for this car.

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