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Re: Champion plugs?

Gerard wrote:

> > I thought the Champion plugs were the biggest pieces of shit available!
> > You are talking about those cheap 69 cent pieces of shit that I could buy
> > from Kmart? Right?
> Uhm...yeah, those are the ones. :) No, just kidding, I don't know which
> you talk about. I'm talking about the C6YCC plugs from Champion.
> And, uhm, how can they be the biggest pieces of shit available? They
> look just the same size as the others. :) Sorry, had to do that. I'm
> just trying to gauge which plugs work well. My Bosch engineer is not
> pushing the Bosch Super-4 plugs, he's going on about electricity
> only jumping the shortest route (no, durhhh!) so why have 4 prongs???
> Well, if that was his idea then only one prong on the Super-4 will
> ever receive a spark, but in my opinion (and me being a genius on
> the non-technical stuff :) ) the air around the spark plug prongs are
> not always guaranteed to be under the same conditions everytime the
> spark plug has to spark. (yes?) So the spark will choose the quickest
> and shortest route anyway and the 4 prongs just give it more options.
> But on the test benches the Super-4 came up well, the only one to
> beat it was the C6YCC from Champion (but by the most narrow of margins).
> The worst was the split prong types (like Splitfire plugs).

Just a note. NGK says those plug are for high compression applications.Also
the flame front has a strate shot to the top of the piston.

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