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85 Coupe parts

Sorry to send nearly the same message twice but I just can't belive 
that no one out there in Audi world can help me...   Here goes again.

I'm looking for some parts for my 85 coupe gt.  Does anyone have a 
used driverside window regulator, or know where I can get one. ( the 
dealer wants a pretty penny for a new one 400 plus bucks)  I'm also 
looking for recardo racing seats or something similar(they can be any 
brand really) Five point harnesses also.

The main thing that I can't seem to find anywhere is flared fenders.   
If anyone has any information please E-mail me directly.

In case you can't tell I'm looking to start racing my 85 coupe it 
shoudl be fun if I could only find these parts...

Thanks for your time  Zach