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Re: Compression method suggestions, test procedure step by step

> The only acceptable compression test would be:
> 1. Fully charge battery
> 2. Remove ALL spark plugs
> 3. Connect central Hi Tension distributor wire to chassis
> 4. Insert compression tester in Cyl 1.
> 5. Crank engine until the needle stops jumping. Read value.
> 6. Proceed to the Cyl 2.
> etc.

This will give you a bunch of pressure readings, all of which would
best be the same for best running, right? But is there a way to
determine the compression ratio from these readings? I mean, if
the vehicle is known to be a MC motor with 2226 CC and I get compression
pressure readings of, say, 1100kpa then how can I go from those
values to a final compression ratio reading? Pretty much impossible,
huh? What, with the valves opening and closing differently on
models all of the place and pressures being all different.

> Avi, there are people on the list who have no clue as to how the engine works.
> They might follow one of the above advice and trash the engine to the tune of 5
> grand. Please think about what you're are posting here!

Me probably being the prime idiot on this list. :)

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