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Re: Compression method suggestions, test procedure step by step

Are you suggesting this guy bend some valves to see if the
engine is a high compression engine?

I think a better way would be to get casting numbers off the head
and numbers off the block and ask someone who knows.

Another way is to get a cylinder at the bottom of a stroke with both
valves shut and
add oil until the cylinder and combustion chamber are full.
Measure total volume added and calculate comb. chamber vol
compared with total volume.  This, of course, will only work if there
is a significant difference in comb. chamber volumes between the
two engines.

Paul Anderson, Cheyenne, WY  Private email:AndersonPaul@juno.com
On Sat, 15 Nov 1997 12:49:00 +0000 Avi <Avi@cosmoslink.net> writes:
>Here is what you do:
>remove timing belt from engine
>turn ignition on (extremely important to have a batt. in a good state 
>charge, preferably connected to an 100AMP charger)
>attempt to start car (remember car will not start, since you took the
>timing belt off..)
>keep cranking for 30 seconds
>if engine spins freely and NO mechanical noises (of any kind) are 
>car has  low compression engine
>if  a LOT of noise is heard (mechanical), car engine has higher 
>and engine is interference engine (almost all engines are nowadays)
>The above method is a proven method (NOT, BTDT......), although rather
>costly at times, I know and used other  methods but the above method 
>Of course you can always ask Phil, he always seems to know...... and 
>might tell you without using the above method, just remember that even 
>you received an answer from Phil, I still maintain the superiority of 
>above method (although I admit that it only tells you if the engine is
>interference or not......), if you must know the exact  compression 
>(providing that Phil does not provide you with the answer),I can tell 
>how to do it either via calculating it, or CCing (that's how it used 
>to be
>called in the trade), on the other end, I might leave that to Scott
>(Qship), he seems to have been raised in a Quattro cradle
>I hope i was able to be of help, if further assistance is needed, 
>Please do
>not hesitate to ask.....