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Re: ur-q surging

My '85 4KSQ surged for awhile, and what I did was to disconnect the Idle Air
Stabilizer.....the surging went away and was replaced by poor cold idle.....

When I finally replaced the Stabilizer I got nice cold idle and no more

Worth a try -- just unplug the electrical connection to the Stabilizer when
it's surging and see if it goes away.......


> Subject: ur-q surging
> My car is no longer detonating and it is running better than  ever with one
> exception.  It is surging at idle. The engine speed varies from 700-850
> rpms.  Has any one ever experienced this problem,  better yet fixed it?
> The car is completely stock.
> Thank you,
> Jeff Hemmerlin
> 83 ur-q
> 95 S6
>-- End of excerpt from Staci Hemmerlin

Michael C. Watz