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Re: Air conditioned intercooler?

Wolff wrote:
> snip
> > It seems like it would be relatively simple and inexpensive compared to the
> > cost of a custom intercooler to plumb a pressurized CO2 system into our
> > cars to do the same thing, perhaps under control of a switch mounted
> > inside the car or even going to a more elaborate, automatic arrangement.
> > Plus the CO2 is noncombustible and cheap.  One issue would be ducting
> > the airbox in such a way that the car doesn't ingest the extra CO2.
> >
> > Any thoughts?
> >
> I was thinking of a similar setup, but with a water mister. Let the
> evaporation of the water cool it down.
> Anyone else?

How about proper way. This however is used mostly in rally.
Use water to air intercooler with water injection both inside and outside 
of the intercooler. ERL in UK has a system that will interface with most 
ECU and will allow controll of onset and duration and flow of water.
Used by Ford Motorsport in UK. It has a great pump with heat sink that 
will prevent burn down from pumping aganst boost. Dyno tuning however is 
needed to program it correctly.