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Re: WTB: 20VT

> when you say "block" i hope you mean all the rotating parts inside, too.
> as at least three people (2 on this list) have found out, there is no
> thing as a short block for this animal, at least from Audi of America.

  According to my fiches, a 20vt short block is available from AoA for both
the 3B (200) and the AAN (S4 and S6). Part # 034 100 105C will get you a
brand spankin' new AAN short block for the low low price of $5007.00
(luckily that's without Linda's discount). Part # 034 100 104 T is the
number for a 3B short block, but you are correct about it's unavilabilty.
However, part# 034 100 004 TX will get you a factory rebuilt 3B short block
and for ONLY $3340.00. If there is any available, you can also get a core
3B motor from your dealer for $1785.00.

> not to rain on your parade, but think twice about passing on that one in
> NJ.  there were only about a thousand +/- 3B engined cars imported to the
> US.  FYI, one "stock" rebuild i'm aware of is running over $5000. 

 $5k for a rebuild? OUCH!

> i use
> quotes because this rebuild requires a bit of ingenuity--such as the fact
> that Audi doesn't make bearings (don't recall if this was rod or main)
> the motor--try adapting GTI bearings.

Well, again, according to my fiches, they are available from any Audi
Dealer. For some unknown reason, they are selling the rod bearings as a
upper and lower half, but here it goes: 034 105 701 007 is the upper half
of the AAN rod bearing and costs $8.65. The lower half is 034 105 701B 4OZ
and costs....hang onto something.......$51.70!!!! You need 5 of each part
number to make a set BTW. Part numbers are the same for the 3B.

 Main bearings are: 034 198 491 C for the AAN and cost $36.25 EACH (you
need 6 to make a set). 034 198 491 A  for the 3B and they are 37.85 EACH!

HTH someone! :)

Laters, Ben
Thornton, CO
83' UrQ #346 PT2B
87' 4KCSQ
89' 200Q 1.8bar "Programmed" ECU 

> Good luck
> --Linus
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