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re: intercooler mods, and motronic modification software in EC 1/98

The new European Car has an article on modifying a WMB M3 by adding a
supercharger (added by Bell Engineering, i.e., Corky Bell).  It includes a
custom intercooler, 18" by 6" by 3", internal flow area of 24.5" square,
designed to handle 400hp worth of boost and heat, pressure loss of less than
1 psi, and dropping compressed air to within 14 degrees of ambient on a 90
degree day.

Even more interesting, potentially at least, is the sidebar on using motronic
ignition to add a turbo or supercharger to a normally aspirated engine
..."Bonneville Motor Works has taken a different approach, designing a tool
called the Motronic Editor for use by tuners wishing to dynamically
recalibrate their Motronic system.  This software displays Motronic air-fuel
and timing data in a graphical format for easy modification, listing timing
or injection specifications for engine loading within certain specific ranges
of rpm.  The program uses the Windows 95 operating environment.  (Contact Jim
Conforti at 801/943-4181).

Seems like this could aid us Motronic computer people...  Has anyone used
this?  I'll give him a call from work tomorrow and ask about Audi
applications.  As I understand Motronic, it's pretty generic across the
makes, and Audi doesn't even know all it is capable of when they use it...

Chris Miller, Windham NH, c1j1miller@aol.com
'91 200q (3B Motronic)