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Re:5kcst - Thanks!

Thanks for everyone who answered my previous post.
I am going to make my decision tomorrow and if everything
goes right, there will be one more Audi owner in the list.
Happy Thanksgiving!

>I am new to the list and would like to hear any 
>comments/opinions/suggestions about subject .I am 
>thinking about buying an '86 5kcst with 127K on the
>clock. It's not quattro, but it is 5-speed.The car seems
>to be in good shape, and all the electrical works except
>cruise control.Yes,it does have a power steering pump leak,
>.(~ $300 fix) and the owner wants $2000 for it. Does this sound
>like a good deal?  I know that Audi parts here in US are
>expensive, but I am familiar with cars and have always fixed
>my cars by myself. I never worked on turbos though. Are they
>much more complex to work on? Are they reasonably reliable? 
>Any other "common" problems with these cars? Any comments would
>be greatly appreciated.
>                      Thanks
>                            Eugene