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Re: '86 4ks airflow pot


According to one of the Audi training booklets I have on
the CIS E, the air flow plate potentiometer produces a
voltage between ~0 and 7 volts for air flow plate lever
movement between 0 to 18 degrees. The resistance changes
more rapidly during the first 5 degrees of lever movement
(0-4V output) and then gradually changes from 4-7 volts for
the remaining 13 degrees of lever movement. It indicates
that this varying voltage signal is used for cold
acceleration enrichment.

The later CIS-E III used in the 130HP 5 Cyl N/A engine uses
a  0-5 volt reference for this potentiometer and the signal
is again used for cold acceleration enrichment but it is
also used for determining engine load for the ignition
timing adjustment. (engine speed is the other reference for

If you connect an ohm meter to the center terminal and to
one of the end terminals you should see a continuous
increase or decrease in resistance as you manually move the
air flow plate up and down. As mentioned the resistance
will change more rapidly during the first 5 degrees of the
air flow plate lever movement.

Scott M.