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VW/Audi test cables

Hi all,

So, I was planning on getting a couple of the test fixtures/cables from
VW/Audi to aid in troubleshooting an intermittent problem.  Things cobbled
together out of spades and alligators etc aren't conducive to getting set
up and capturing problems in anything like real time.  

So, I called the crappy local Audi parts dept. and they of course don't
recognize the short, non-9-digit part numbers that are in the Bentley.
Anyone know what any of the below equate to p/n wise, or for that matter
if they're terribly expensive?

VW 1315
VW 1501
VW 1490

The local place makes you drive XY miles to get there before they'll
even order anything and then of course another trip to get it when
it arrives.

Anyone suggest a good mail source for these kind of parts.  It'd save
several hours of driving and maybe even some cash.  

Thanks for any help.

Roger Albert (go Illini!)  Motorola.  Austin, Texas 
roger@mostro.sps.mot.com   Wireless/DSP Div.  56xxx
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