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Re: Audi Book and Spiritual Successor to the S4 sedan

George Achorn writes:
> 	What sparked my interest in the 4000 as a third car was what looks like a
> very early version of the upcoming S4.On page 217 is pictured a white
> '83ish 4000 (Audi 80) with 5-lug fuchs rims, newer style Ur Quattro aero
> headlamps, black leather seating with Recaros, lowered suspension and some
> sort of ground effects they describe as the "tarmac racer" look. The car
> was built by Audi Sport and who can guess what was under the hood? They did
> not say, but the spoiler on the lower bottom of the front bumper cover
> makes a cup spoiler look tame.

Yup, I have that book and the car you mention is real nice.  It's a
one-off concoction from Audi Sport, though.  It is essentially a
souped up Urquattro in 4000q clothing...

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