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'98 Carlisle Import Auto Show

	I just got my flyer from Carlisle for the Import Auto Show. While not a
huge show yet, it has great potential. They offer a lot that Waterfest does
not infrastructure wise. Here is what it includes.

Import Kit and Replicar Nationals

1. This show is open to all import cars and kit cars. You will see many
VWs, BMWs, Porsches, British cars,  and even hondas :(. As far as American
cars you may be able to spot some Fieros dressed up like Ferraris or

2. A Whole Weekend - This is from May 8-10. So you get 3 days of hanging
out and talking cars if you want. There are plenty of hotels around
including one with a large adult entertainment complex/bar with deck etc.
called Wandas. If that can't be afforded, camping on the fairgrounds is
FREE, so bring your gear.

3. Central East Coast Location - Carlisle PA is right off the PA turnpike
about 4.5 hours from NYC, 2 hours from Washington DC, 1.5 hours from
Baltimore, 3 hours from Pittsburgh and 2.5 hours from Philly.

4.Cheap Price : Pre registration is $5 and that will get you and your car
and a guest into the non judged show area.

5. Two Levels of Show - You can show your car on the show grounds for the
entry fee. There is a judged compact car show too that was $15 last year.
VW Sport was there in force last year and the Cabrio won something I think.
Ever been to waterfest and notice how many cool cars are out in the parking
lot. It is cheaper to show your car in the non judged field than it is for
you and a guest to come into the show just visiting, as daily entrance is
$5 a person.

6. BIG Swapmeet and Car Corral - There were many vendors of new and used
parts there last year. They have a whole field just for the swap meet, much
bigger than those areas at other VW shows. In the car corral last year I
spotted an Ur-Quattro (red/black and pretty sweet) $5K and a Beck Speedster
replica with Type 4 engine and black leather for $20K.

7.Autocross - Last year they had an autocross sponsored by Grass Roots
Motorsports at the highschool just down the road.

8. Sunday Austin healey Sprite Giveaway - At 4PM on sunday they always give
away a car to those still present. Last year was an Alfa Spyder, this year
is an Austin Healey Sprite. You get something like 4 or 5 chances to win
the car if you register your car for the basic show.

After 4/13/98 admission will be $15.

IF interested call (717)243-7855 and request a flyer. Also please forward
this to any VW newsgroup and VW list (Scirocco list or A2 list).
	I am not affiliated with Carlisle Productions, but am blatantly plugging
the show. Besides kit cars, it offers alot more to VW and Audi owners than
most other shows including Waterfest. They are better staffed, and it is
not run in the interest of one tuner. Unlike Waterfest it is also open to
other makes like Audi and Porsche and Air Cooled VWs.
	The fairgrounds are much bigger than those used by Waterfest and the only
downside is that the autocross course is not on the premises, but down the
road. This show has the potential to be bigger than it already is, and over
running it with VWs and Audis in the face of a few dorky Honda and Acura
owners is my idea of a good time.
	There are also provisions for clubs. With 25 cars present you can get a
tent FREE for your club, so for those in the CCA, GTI Club or Quattro Club,
you can all show together.