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Q Club USA member to visit UK

In message <v03110700b0c4bf16c9f0@[]> "Tom Juliani" writes:

> I will be in London from Dec. 30 thru Jan. 6, and was hoping you would
> recommend some quattro related adventures. For reference, I am currently
> building-up my '83 ur-q to run in SCCA Pro Rally in 1998, so anything
> related to rally car construction would be of great interest. I am an
> advanced composite hobbyist, so any carbon or kevlar fibre parts
> fabrication would be very interesting to witness. I haven't been to the
> U.K. in many years, but have seen Big Ben and have gone punting on the
> Thames after filling up on pot-pies and bitter. This time I'll skip the
> tourist routine and wander about with quattro on my brain! How about some
> breaking yards which might have some quattro bits? I need to upgrade the
> brakes on my rally car, and could use a spare ECU. Must see auto museums or
> collections? Bookstores?

Congratulations on picking the _ONLY_ week of 1997/8 that has zero quattro-
related events in it.  Ordinarilly there would have been an Area K meeting on 1 
January, but as it's New Year's Day they've moved it back a week.  There is
literally _nothing_ on.  Many areas have suspended meetings for January, 
although there are THREE on 8 January.
(Yes, Roger Galvin and I are thinking about it!)
As for parts places - they're all well outside London, even if they're open.  
Dialynx is in Swindon (83 miles west), AM Cars is in Ilminster (142 miles 
west), Sanburn is in Coventry (98 miles northwest), etc.  Unless you're mobile 
or your have tolerant friends, there's not a great deal to do.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club