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Re: Vehicle shaking on acceleration. CV joints???

Avi wrote:
> Kevin,
> picky picky picky...... OK, I am sorry about the "rebuild", not very sorry,
> but a "tad "at least.....
> as for your "other" comment:
> if you have "sloppy" bearings (in your CV joint), when you accelerate, you
> TAKE THE SLACK OFF (the sloppiness), most of the time you will feel the
> problem in OTHER ways, make sense?.........
> Avi
> in most cases, you can get away with just greasing the joints as opposed to
> "rebuilding" them...

Symptom of worn outer CV joints - clicking noise, starting when the 
steering wheel is turned, as the wear progresses, clicking when 
loading/unloading the joint as well.

Symptom of bad inner CV joints (quattro : propellor shaft CV joints as 
well) - shaking on acceleration.

Remember the inner CV joints are designed to allow lateral movement of 
the axle shaft, the outers are not, but are designed to run at greater 
angles of deflection.  Because of this, they show different wear 
symptoms.  I have never seen worn inner CV joints show any other 
symptoms (while driving) than shaking (or shuttering) on acceleration.

>> Why not rebuild you CV joints?........all you need is new rubber boots a
>> little patience and some grease (synthetic or not I don't care!)....

BTW, most (all that I have seen) CV joints come with instructions that 
insist only CV joint grease be used.  CV joint grease is specifically 
formulated for its task.  It has a high lead contact to deal with the 
high pressures/low movement the bearings encounter.  I have not had as 
much durability testing experience of CV joints as the manufacturers, 
so I cannot dispute their recommendations. :)

Kevin Ford
Chase, B.C., Canada