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Audi wheel and tyre sizes

Hi all,

Since this subject crops up regularly in discussions, I thought I'd chip in
with the info given in this year's Rieger Tuning catalogue, showing the
products of this German firm for, among others, Audi.

Disclaimer: this info is provided on an 'as-is' basis- I guess that sizes
given are TuV-approved, but I'm not responsible for any errors (nor for
typos on my part, for that matter). Offsets (ET values) are stated where
provided by Rieger. Unless otherwise noted the wheels should fit without
any additional wheelarch extensions.

Coupe GT
FR 	7.5Jx16-, 205/45, 215/40, 225/40
	9Jx16- 215/40

RR	7.5Jx16- 205/45, 215/40, 225/40
	9Jx16- 215/40, 225/40

80 type 89 (B3)
FR	8.5Jx17 ET13- 235/40
	8.5Jx17 ET16- 235/40

RR	10Jx17 ET14- 275/35
	10Jx17 ET15- 275/35
	10Jx17 ET17- 275/35
Note: these wheels may protrude from the body when Rieger's rather OTT body
kit is not used.

80 type B4, incl. Avant and S2 Avant
FR/RR	9Jx16 ET15- 225/40
Note: Rieger also supplies a rather tasty front bumper cover for these cars
(DM490), aping the looks of the RS2, with three inlet ducts and a more
pronounced spoiler lip. This requires fitting of the Euro-spec fog lights
and turn signals. This cover also fits the Coupe and Cabriolet.
There is a similar part available for the type 89 (B3) cars.

FR/RR	9Jx16 ET15- 215/40
	8Jx17 ET13- 215/40 (RR: 245/35)

FR	8.5Jx17 ET13- 215/40 (215/45)

RR	10Jx17 ET14- 245/35 (235/40)
Note: 'light modifications to wheelarches required'.
With the horrible Rieger Evo I/II bodykit (complete w/F40 rear wing), you
can fit up to 11" wide rear wheels. Apparently, this bodykit is used on the
Coupes as raced by Hohenester Sport.
There are some really wild wheels for the coupe pictured in this catalogue,
but my favourites are the BBS RX207 (as 8Jx18 ET35!) and the three-part
Hartmann seven-spoke wheel, with a polished outer lip which somewhat
retains the looks of the standard Speedline wheels. A tasty alternative is
the TSW Hockenheim R (very expensive though).

FR/RR	9Jx16 ET15- 225/40

FR	8.5Jx17 ET13- 215/40 (215/45)

RR	10Jx17 ET14- 245/35 (235/40)
Note: for the B4 models, w/ grill in hood-type front end, Rieger also
supplies an S-cars lookalike sports grill, in black powder coated mesh. A
very subtle mod, extremely good looking. (I seem to remember this item
being made by Kamei- I'll check my brochures)

FR/RR	7x15 ET33- 195/65, 205/60, 225/55
	7.5x16 ET33- 205/50, 205/55, 225/45, 225/50
	8Jx17 ET33-
Note: ET35 wheels will also fit the A3. My choice for best-looking wheel
for this car: OZ Polaris 5-spoke.
With 'light modifications to wheelarches' (the famous baseball bat?) the
following should fit:
FR	7.5Jx17 to 8.5Jx17 ET20/25- 215/45
	7.5Jx17 to 8.5Jx17 ET25/23- 235/40

RR	7.5Jx17 to 8.5Jx17 ET30- 235/40, 245/40
	9.5Jx17 ET24/28- 235/40
	10Jx17 ET24/28- 235/40

FR/RR	9Jx16 ET25- 225/40, 225/45, 215/45
	9Jx17 ET22- 215/45
	8Jx17 ET30- 215/45 (235/40 RR)
Note: 8Jx17 ET35 wheels will also fit the A4.
The only A4q-specific note concerns the OZ Saturn plus- this will fit in:
FR	8.5Jx17 ET20- 215/45
RR	10Jx17 ET20- 235/40

With 'light modifications to wheelarches' the following should fit:
FR	8.5x17 ET13/28- 215/45, 215/40
	8.5Jx17 ET20/35- 235/40
	9.5Jx17 ET24/30-235/40, 245/25

RR	8.5Jx17 ET16/28 215/45
	8.5Jx17 ET20/35 235/40
	9Jx17 ET22/35 235/40
	9.5Jx17 ET24/35 235/40
	10Jx17 ET22/32 235/40, 245/35
I've read some discussions about wheel fitment on A4qs in the past, where
the rear suspension apparently limits fitment. Does anyone know if the
suspension on non-q A4s is identical in this respect?
My choice for A4 wheels? BBS RX once again, TSW Evo/Hockenheim/Avus, or the
Porsche-lookalike 3-pt RH PD.

100 C4, incl. Avant
FR	8.5Jx17 ET30- 235/40

RR	8.5Jx17 ET20- 235/40
	8.5Jx17 ET13- 235/40

A6 C4
FR	8.5Jx17 ET29- 225/45

RR	9.5Jx17 ET37- 245/40

FR/RR	8Jx18 ET35- 245/35
	8Jx18 ET32- 245/35
	8Jx18 ET30- 225/40
	8.5Jx18 ET35- 245/35
	8.5Jx18 ET30- 225/40

Somebody recently asked if BBS still makes the mesh alloys used as OE on
the 200- they don't, I think. There are pictures with several
similar-looking wheels, with the note 'NLA' beneath. A pity, 'cause they
still don't look too dated to me.

A further note: Rieger also sells leather gearshift knobs with a backlit
shift pattern and cool Audi Sport logo. They're available for the Coupe GT
type 85, 80/90 type 89 B4, A3 and A4 and cost DM119.
There are also fitment guides for Koni sports suspension, Spax struts, K&N
filters, Wiechers strut top bars, Atiwe airbag sports steering wheels
(beautiful!) and for several sports exhaust systems. Let me know if any
info on these subjects is required- I have a scanner for the pics and can
supply prices for most of this stuff.

I've also been browsing the Zender VW/Audi catalogue for '98, which shows
some nice stuff for Audis. Highlights: nice sports mirrors for the A4,
civilized spoilers, expensive airbag 'sports'(?) steering wheels w/Audi
rings, sports suspension, fake carbon fibre or wood dash kits.

No affiliation, not even a customer of these guys, yadda, yadda yadda.


 Tom Nas                                          Zeist, The Netherlands
 1988 Audi 80 1.8S, mostly Tizianrot metallic, 215,000km

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