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Codemasters TOCA racing

I've just been playing a demo version of this game (Get a life you sad man),
its included on the cover CD on the Feburary issue of PC Direct, only one
circuit (Castle Donnington, pretty realistic from what I remember of a track
day there a couple of years back) and a choice of cars restricted to a Honda
Accord or Audi A4q.
 I reckon that you'll need all the kit to play it properly, steering wheel
etc, but reaction to the keyboard controls isn't too bad. IMO when you get
pissed off with playing it the best thing to try is to U-turn and drive in
the opposite direction to the rest of the race - virtual destruction derby
time. I had bits of touring car all over the place and had rammed a number
of the top drivers out of the race, really good fun and no massive Audi
parts bill at the end of it.
As the magazine cost 1.99GPB and some of the other demo software is useful,
think that I can live with the games restrictions. :-)

Jim Haseltine
88 Ur quattro