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Re: Catering to used-car buyers?

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From: Phil Payne <quk@isham-research.demon.co.uk>
To: jim_haseltine@email.msn.com <jim_haseltine@email.msn.com>
Cc: quattro@coimbra.ans.net <quattro@coimbra.ans.net>
Date: 01 January 1998 01:12
Subject: Catering to used-car buyers?

>clutch m/c replacement?
That was the job

>Subsequently, I've discovered the manufacturer of Audi's Nylocs, and now
>purchase them at GBP3 ($5) per 100.
Come on Phil, play the white man and let us all in on the secret..
My invoice lists N01118312 (10mm nyloc) at 0.30GBP +vat and N0111849 (13mm
nyloc) at 0.40GBP + vat. Thats 35.25GBP and 47GBP per 100.
Just to really rub in how much they are shafting us the following is printed
on the invoice from Layerthorpe Audi..
"Please note non stocking parts specially ordered will not be credited.
Stocking parts returned will incur a 15% handling charge"
and believe it or not - "Thank you for your custom".

The company that I work for is the 3rd largest clothing retailer in the UK.
How long would we stay in buisness if we charged customers 15% on returns or
even refused to accept them?

Jim Haseltine
88 Ur quattro