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Re: Exhaust manifold studs / removing the head

BRUCE wrote:
> Igor hits the stud on the head, re:  Removal.
> What will require removal of the head is when an Audi mechanic [term used loosely] attempts to drill the studs out, breaks off the bit, attempts to drill that out
> [with a yet larger bit], breaks that off, attempts then to drill that out with a drill now approximating the size of a bit used to sink an oil well, and THEN calls you.  btdt.  Dumb fu%k.

BTDT for sure, a Carlsen idiot did that to my 84. They pulled the head
and sent it to a machine shop for repair. Charged me an additional $550
for stud repair! They would not accept any responsibilty! 

84 5KT
87 5KCST
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