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Re: '94 90CSQ rear mud flaps?

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>Ron Rappel wrote:
>   I wonder if anyone has any suggestions on where to
> obtain a set of rear mud flaps for a 1994 90CS Quattro
> Sport?  I spoke with Linda at Carlson Motors and she
> said they were not available.

My Votex guide gives PN 8A0 075 101 to fit rear of Audi 80 9/91 on and 80
Avant 2/92 on.  This is your 90 in North America.  The only thing is that I
cannot tell from the catalog if the rear flap from the 92/93 fits the 94, as
the front does not.  There is a widder rubber molding on the sill, and hence
there is a differen PN for the late model cars' front flaps.  If someone can
confirm that the rear bumper cover did not change (I don't think it did),
this would explain why Votex has two different front flaps but only the one
type of rear flap.

Oh yes, we have them in inventory!!!!!  They have the raised black Audi
script on them and should fit 100%.  Unless you really can't get them with
the PN that I gave, and you want the real thing, shipping flaps across the
pond seems a little ludicrous.

Jouko Haapanen
Pori, FInland