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Re: headlight conversion

At 05:59 AM 1/23/80 PST, you wrote:
<snip>.  BTW, last price that I was quoted on the
>Euro conversion was 350-400 per side. Ouch.  On the other hand this setup
>will total around $120.  
I just finished the European 100 light conversion on our '87 5ktqw last
night.  As most of the old time listers might know, our last '87 5ktqw
(which hit a tree) had this setup, as do a few other list member's cars.  I
think Dave Head has a web page showing these.  Right, Dave?

Cost for this more modern look is about $200 a side new; less if you find a
pair in a wrecking yard (as I did with the four sets I've had).  For some
reason there are quite a few beater 5k's driving around Portland, OR with
this lights!  Enough Portland 5ks have these lights that Sunset Audi stocks
replacement lenses for them! 

The European 100 lights look exactly like the lights on the American 100's
up until about '92, so they don't date the car.  And you can put driving
lights in the bumper and move the turn signal to the big yellow
marker/blinker lenses that are beside the headlights.

I look at it as a mid-priced alternative.  About twice the cost of the quad
setup and half the price of the European 200 lights.

The European 100 lights use a single H4 bulb and also have a city light

I'm running a 100w/55w H4 bulb with 55w Pilot driving lights (in the
bumper) relayed on with the highs for 310 watts of forest illuminating
power!  Now all 3 of our Audis have great night vision assistance!

And yes, everything is relayed seperately, so very little current goes
through the headlight switch.

Viva, el noche!