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Re: used car prices

Dave wrote:
> Over the past few days I sat in utter shock over the fact that people would
> and still do consider paying $18-30,000 for a used (wrecked) Audi.  Case in
> point the infamous wrecked S4 for a mere $28,000.

	Well ... we'll never know how much it *actually* sold for,
	right?  But point well-taken .. spare parts are expensive,
	but not *that* expensive.

> Granted the S4-S6 was and
> is a great car, however, no used Audi is worthty of new car pricing.

	Right, and in my experience, Audi cars have (at least in the
	past) depreciated *far* more than comparable brands. In fact,
	it's the reason I can justify owning two :-)

> Example number two.  This morning someone posted a 91 200tqw for the paltry
> sum of $18+K with a bomb that needs replaced.  

	If you're referring to Ed Kellock's car, two points:

	1. It wasn't $18K, but $16??K.

	2. It isn't wrecked, has relatively low miles, and a new
	bomb costs only (!!) ~$300.

	Given the IA stage 3 mods, it's not an unreasonable price, though
	perhaps not a smoking deal.

	In my opinion (which is admittedly biased by ownership), a used
	'91 200Q and - to a lesser extent - a used S4/S6, is an absolute
	bargain.  There are few *new* cars which are as good overall
	(including those that Audi offers here in the US), and hardly
	any used ones.

	It looks unlikely that this situation will last very long, given
	Audi's increasing popularity: hopefully I'll get richer faster
	than they increase in price :-)


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