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4000csq belt squeeking at start

In message <Pine.A41.3.96.980102184350.81946A-100000@nevis.u.arizona.edu> Robert W Obrien writes:

> Very good answer as usual, Phil. What I am curious about is, how do you
> know that seal is bad aside from the noise? External leaks? Probably
> before summer, I shall replace the clutch on my 87 5kt... original and
> holding tight so far at 175k miles. Am  not hearing any weird squeaks, but
> I assume this would be an opportune time to change that seal.

It keeps air out, rather than oil in.  The only other detectable sign
is a large delta in the CO settings between 'breathers plugged' and
'breathers attached'.  It's a $10 part, so well worth replacing
whenever the clutch is off.  Also the clutch slave, etc.

 Phil Payne
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