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Re: FWD - Colorado Legislation (gnash)

Virtual Bob wrote:
> Not lately. My local Omaha police seem to be alway speeding and passing
> other people without having the X'Mas lights on. I thought that was
> illegal. I also take trips to Chicago. And due to the distance, I almost
> always arrive in Chicago city limit around 11 or 12 o'clock mid-night. The
> highway patrols I've seen do around at least 110 to 130mph going home. I
> usually do around 100mph -- and they'll pass me by with a whoosh. No, I
> haven't gotten any ticket. And they can give me ticket if they want to
> since they know how fast I'm doing from how fast *they're* going.

Having driven emergency vehicles for 7 years, the rule is:

	"If the lights ain't on, you're a civilian."

That's the rule. We all know reality is a little different. But it
still gets me when a cop doesn't think he needs to use signals, or
obey the speed limit, or stop at a stop sign. All things he would
happily ticket me for doing....


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