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Re: Strut prices

Hairy green toads from Mars made Sachelle Babbar say:

> I'm looking for something of a performance type strut cart (not necessary,
> though). I would like to know what performs well,lasts long and is cheap.
> I actually would try to stay away from the performance strut just because
> I do a lot of city driving on bad roads. Ive seen like gabriel and monroe
> for good prices, but don't know. The ones I've got in my car right now are
> NAPA's. They were priced well and made in Germany (usually that means by
> the same manufacturer). They worked well, but they didn't handle the power
> very well of my Turbo (they were in my old 5ks with 2k miles on them).
> They're a little on the soft side now. I'm looking for something that will
> last a while. Bilsteins may be too pricey.

I just had a set of Boge Turbo Gas installed in Angela's 90Q20V.
The fronts needed struts, too. Total cost was about $500 + 2 hours

I've used the TG before, and like them a lot. Almost as good as
Bilstein (with a better ride) for a lot less $$$.

I have the Koni reds in my 100Q, and am underwhelmed. Gonna replace
them with Boges when the war chest is replenished.


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