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Re: 4kcsq is back on the road :-) (long)

> but I have to admit, that 4 days before (10/6/98) the accident, I
> had the Radiator flushed from "THE GREASE SPOT", a 10 minute oil change
> center. I also recalled the dude having some difficulty filling the
> fluid. He spilled it all over the motor and told me something about how
> he cleaned it all up where he could but the car was warm so he could not
> clean it all up.

Ah, penny wise, pound foolish.  No wonder your car blew up.  Pity.  Why
anyone would take a car that matters to them to a place no real mechanic
would work is beyond me.  (Or why anyone would drive into water half way
up their doors for that matter!)

My condolences for a lesson learned the hard way.

Huw Powell

82 (+/-) Audi Coupe