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4kcsq is back on the road :-) (long)

Last October, my 87 4kcsq lost its motor on the way to KC on I-80.
Although, I did struggle with what to do with the car, I finally decided
to get it fix, with the help of this most excellent quattro list. It's
been some time, and I took a long vacation in the middle, but my quattro
is back on the road. Below is the story of her resurrection.
How it happened?
The first thing that surprised everyone on the quattro list and my
mechanic was the fact that the motor blew up on my 4kcsq. He had never
seen something like that happen, I mean they are formidable engines. The
exact description of what happened is "#4 piston broken, rod came out of
engine block". In more detail, the crankshaft rod bearing were worn out.
I am kind of hazy on the mechanic but I hope I am making sense.
According to Khanh, my Audi mechanic, my coolant temp sensor was not
working, so when the car overheated, it gave no warning to my friend who
was driving it. However, I am perplexed as to why it overheated? At that
point Khanh also mentioned that there was next to no coolant in the
radiator. Now granted it would have escaped out of the motor once it
blew, but I have to admit, that 4 days before (10/6/98) the accident, I
had the Radiator flushed from "THE GREASE SPOT", a 10 minute oil change
center. I also recalled the dude having some difficulty filling the
fluid. He spilled it all over the motor and told me something about how
he cleaned it all up where he could but the car was warm so he could not
clean it all up.
After the radiator flush, the longest drive that car ever took was the
ill fated drive to KC. Historically, I have put close to 80k on that
car, whizzing to Chicago, Minneapolis, KC, Pittsburgh, without any
problems. I have some serious doubts about whether those kids took the
right precautions with my baby.
The Repairs
Thanks to Scott Dewitt, I found a 84 4k Motor in Texas. Scott shipped it
to me in IA for $300. Without this list, it would have been impossible
to find anything close to that price, and the best thing was that I had
other options as well. Once the motor was delivered, I also ordered, a
Sachs Clutch kit for $190 and a Input shaft bearing for $21, from
BALUFERGNUGEN. In addition, my mechanic had to replace a whole lot of
little things on that car, here is the list of parts he replaced on the
car, they amount to $244
Valve cover gasket $22
Water pump $50
Timing belt $25
Front cam and crank seal $15
timing belt idler $20
engine rear main seal $18
5 x spark plugs $10
Coolant thermostat and O-ring $20
Antifreeze $12
3  V-belts $30
Engine oil and filter $12
Used coolant temp sensor $10

Labor $550 for all this and replacing motor, transferring all components
to new engine and replacing the clutch assembly. I must admit that the
job is done pretty well, the motor is all cleaned up and painted and
looks as if he took care in installing all the components needed for
such an operation. Before picking up my car, my guy told me that the
battery was dead so on my way after picking the car, I went to Sears and
had the battery(DIEHARD)  replaced for $70.
So my total expenditure on the car comes close to $1400. Any comments on
this ordeal would be much appreciated. The car seems to drive fine,
EXCEPT, my muffler, which has been bad for 8 months is now thoroughly
rotted out and to take the car over 3000 rpm is like watching a NASCAR
race by the Pitstop. I cannot afford any of the new quotes that my
muffler shops are giving me, ($600-$1000). I can get a STEBRO for $600,
or a OEM from BALUFERGNUGEN for around $300. What I want is a custom
job, but no one wants to do it around here, I am still looking.
Once again, thanks for all the excellent support, sympathies and ideas
that were given to me on this list. All this is much appreciated. 

Saqib Mausoof
Enabling Technologies
Disclaimer - I can't even speak for myself, so speaking on behalf of my
employer is out of the question.