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Re: CPA Motorcars

At 06:46 PM 1/5/98 -0800, you wrote:
>Well, the unexpected has happened.
>My son was hot on a Alfa 164 Q, but CPA motorcars was kind of a jerk
>about it.
>Too much dough and not so friendly about negotiating. In fact, I think
>that I can no longer refer folks to his shop.
>Paul Rivera
>83 Ur-Q
>90 V8
>91 200 TQW
>93 S4
I don't want to contradict Paul or start a flame war, because I'm sure that
he has good reasons for what he wrote. However, it may be that all the
returns aren't in yet. Perhaps we need more data before we can conclude
that CPA is the sort of place we all want to avoid.

The reason I say this is that I just bought that 200 TQ Avant from CPA that
Paul described glowingly in an earlier post. The car is almost immaculate
and has received loving care at the hands of CPA. The price I paid isn't a
bargain, but it's a fair price, and I was treated courteously and
cordially. Besides, where can you find a Quattro Avant in So. Calif.?
YMMV, of course, and I may yet turn out to be the screwee, but for the
moment, I'm more than pleased. 

It sometimes happens that the finest and most amicable of people develop
bad chemistry between them. Perhaps that's what happened here. Or maybe
not. I for one am going to reserve judgement until I've seen more evidence.

Let me qualify all this by noting that I have no business or other interest
whatsoever in CPA and wouldn't even know they existed if Paul hadn't posted
his note about them. (Thank you for that, Paul. I wound up with the Avant
of my dreams.)

Larry Mittell
87 5kcstq
89 200tqw 1.8 bar (shazam!)