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RE: Replacing rotors on '93 90CS

At 05:38 PM 1/7/98 , Perry, Christopher wrote:
>The rear do require you to remove the axle nut but it is relatively easy
> - not torqued as much as the front.  You will remove the nut, a washer,
>the outer wheel bearing then the rotor.  If you are replacing the rotor
>you will need to either press the race and bearing out of the old hub
>and into the new one or buy new races and bearings and press them into
>the new hub. Dealing with the parking break cable will be the major PITA
>for this job.

Nope. The rears on the 93s are just like the front. They have a hub,
which holds the bearing, and the rotor just fits over the top.

Makes things a lot simpler!

1993 90CS 63k