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Anyone have the wherewithal to try this out?

When I was searching for 'q' parts this came up.  And I DO like the name
Roxsy because......
that's another matter.....but certainly I am in no way related to this
being....unless this is the same person........no, couldn't possibly
be....nor do I work for this company....and no one I know even knows
about this company.  The following e-mail was received after I entered a
simple query.  If this somehow causes any distress to any listers, bomb
me at the obvious address.  I was more interested in the wholesale
part.  I like the 'title' Roxsy has too...'Computer Programmer.'  Now
that's sexy!!  Should I ask for a jpg?  If you do have the 'necessary'
climb aboard, but please, please don't use it to your advantage but
rather give us all a break on the parts prices.  I'm still wonderin' WTH
is an occupational certificate?  BTW, as far as I know there is NO HTML
accompanying this post.

Geo (look out below)

             FW: Locator On-Line Wholesale Access Request
             Thu, 8 Jan 1998 10:55:32 -0600
             Roxanne Sykora <roxsy@partslocator.com>
             "'gamills@ns.sympatico.ca'" <gamills@ns.sympatico.ca>

-----Original Message-----
From:   Roxanne Sykora [SMTP:roxsy@partslocator.com]
Sent:   Monday, December 22, 1997 9:44 AM
To:     'roxsy@partslocator.com'
Subject:        Locator On-Line Wholesale Access Request
Importance:     High

Thank you for applying for access to the Wholesale and Rebuildable
sections of
Locator On-Line.  In order to process your application, I will need some

additional information:

Please mail or fax a copy of your dealers license or occupational
to the Locator offices.  Your account will be activated as soon as I
this information, so I look forward to hearing from you soon!

And although the Wholesale and Rebuildable portions of the Locator
On-Line site
are exclusive departments for licensed salvage buyers and dealers, you
access the free, Retail Parts files at any time.

The Retail Parts section is filled with auto part information and
listings, and
now includes several new features that are beneficial to anyone who has
a need
for high-quality, used auto parts.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me.


Locator Technical Support

Roxanne Sykora, Computer Programmer
The Locator
521 Main Street
Whiting, IA 51063
Phone: 712.458.2213
Fax: 712.458.2687