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Re: synthetics (changeover consumption)

Sargent Schutt wrote:

> Anyway, the question I'd really like an answer to is this: In cases
> where changing over to
> synth on high mileage motors leads to oil consumption once the synth
> is installed, does that
> consumption eventually dissipate to pre-changeover levels - e.g. does
> synth, after removing
> the old deposits, build up its own deposits (varnish, if you will) to
> 'fill in the gaps'?
> Anyone know the answer to this?
> Regards,
> Sarge
> 91 200q, 168k miles
> 86 5ktq, 128k miles

To best of my recollection re: discussion with my brother, an employee
of a company that makes syn lubs, they do not build up their own
deposits, but are not a cure-all.  They work well in new or well
maintained older engines with the caveat that older gaskets with dyno
juice deposits may start leaking sometime after the changeover.

IMHO, if dyno-juice was the car's previous diet, leave it, 'specially if
your vehicle was bought used and had questionable maintenance.  But if
it's new/rebuilt, go with the syn.
MJ Murphy
89 100  (running good quality dyno-juice).