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Re: New problems with the 200t....

> Just curious: what are the speed limits in South Africa? :-)

60km/h city and suburb (except  this town where I work where it is
75km/h), 100km/h on most city main highways, and 120km/h on national
roads. The 1300km/h thing is reserved for idiot 200t drivers in
South Africa. :) That thing happened when I did a typo in a previous
message to this list. :)

> Yes, it causes serious vacuum leak. It's actually not expensive to fix -
> I went to a small shop that specializes in automotive rubber parts.
> Bough a plastic T-piece and and a rubber hose of correct diameter. Cut
> three pieces of rubber hose, fitted them onto the t-piece... voila, a
> replacement for under 5 bucks. Also check the fat hose that goes to the
> crankcase.

I should do this then. The downpipe to the crank looked fine last night
when I was changing the spark plugs (the old ones were still good
looking and had the dark grey/brown deposit, but I did the change
anyway as I had no idea how old the others were). The pipe running
back to the airbox is somewhat flat looking, but not collapsed. I
think there is a rubber place around here, I will have a look today.
But as it turns out, the money is scarce: $10 in the bank, $2 in my
wallet and approximately 80km/h left on the current tank of fuel.

> Well, you said that you have an exhaust leak - no wonder you have a
> rumbling noise. I have that kind of a rumbling noise, too - that's
> because the previous owner of my car put in an aftermarket exhaust that
> apparently isn't exactly up to the specs. If I clog the exhaust pipe
> with a towel, the car gets twice quieter at idle!

The hole was on the connection of the pipe going into the last
box (of 2) on the car. The "rumble" really isn't a rumble one would
expect (ie. no rattling),  but sounds like something not sitting proper
in its seat (ie. bearing). I am still waiting for the hole on the
exhaust to settle with the new "bandage" on it  and then I will see
what the rumble is like. Heck, I hope it  is the exhaust and nothing
else. The hole was reaching for the welding point and was the same
diameter as that of the exhaust piping, the car was quite loud. :)

I will see what I can figure out as far as getting a replacement
T-piece. I didn't realise that I could get it from a non-VW place, but
I guess rubber is rubber. Should I be asking them for a good oil
resistant rubber piece or just stock heat resistant number?

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