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Re: New problems with the 200t....

> Yes, it causes serious vacuum leak. It's actually not expensive to fix -
> I went to a small shop that specializes in automotive rubber parts.
> Bough a plastic T-piece and and a rubber hose of correct diameter. Cut
> three pieces of rubber hose, fitted them onto the t-piece... voila, a
> replacement for under 5 bucks. Also check the fat hose that goes to the
> crankcase.

But wouldn't such a vacuum leak cause underboosting? My car is
currently overboosting. And all this is happening at altitude. The
gauge heads easily for 1.6 bar on a 1.4 bar motor. Guess I'll have to
do the credit card thing again, I now have $3 in the bank which must
last for 2 weeks. The credit card will need to be used again and I
owe a whopping $500 on it. That split line has been there for long
now and I can't tell how much gunk has gone into it.

> Well, you said that you have an exhaust leak - no wonder you have a
> rumbling noise. I have that kind of a rumbling noise, too - that's
> because the previous owner of my car put in an aftermarket exhaust that
> apparently isn't exactly up to the specs. If I clog the exhaust pipe
> with a towel, the car gets twice quieter at idle!

I patched the hole. It was at the connection point. The diameter
was about the same as that of the exhaust itself. :) Nice response
from the motor with that hole there. I used a exhaust bandage and
heat shield (the Gun Gum stuff) and also put some Gun Gum paste to
hold the heat shield in place. Car is quieter and smoother with the
new plugs (NGK as suggested by Intended Accelleration) as well. But,
unfortunately, the rumble is still there. :) Perhaps it is my
power steering pump/alternator combination thing fooling with me.

Well, thanks for the help. I will do the inevitable and use my credit
card to get the tubing (all depends on just how much they want for it,
but I consider $5 a bit too much for my situation right now! :') )

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