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Isolation switches are the best to work from in forming an opinion, no doubt.

I don't know what cam you put in your car, but they can certainly account 
for an entirely different top-end.  I don't know that I have ever seen one give 
big advantages on both low and high.  So, interesting topic.


>>> glen powell <gpowell@acacianet.com> 01/09/98 07:46AM >>>

You know, now that I thought about it again, he also swapped
the stock EM for the 2-piece EM. This is a HUGE upgrade!
The stock EM is very very restrictive. It may be the 2-piece that
really freed-up the power above 3-4K RPM and not the K26. I 
cannot comment directly on this because I put my 2-piece on a 
completely new engine with larger displacement, bigger cam, etc, 
so I cannot isolate the benefits of the 2-piece EM alone. When I 
swapped the K24 in place of the K26 that was the only mod made at
that time, and this single swap was by far the single best mod
done. So, perhaps the 2-piece accounts in major part for his
performance increase, but I cannot say for sure from my own
direct experience. I do think that the 2-piece is a huge upgrade
tho.....I wish I knew if it was the 2-piece or the new cam that
really brought the top end of the KUQEFH alive.....

THANKS be to PDQSHIP for the tip on the 2-piece!


Glen, I tried to put as many disclaimers in as possible:)

I think if you have a setup that is similar to the guy that was asking,
your post is more what he can expect than mine.  There certainly
is nothing wrong with the k24 on the dual knock.  Worked extremely 
well.  I just want a little more, and clearly the turbo was holding me