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V8-S4 Madness

Ok, my best friend Nishi is buying my V8. I have located a 94 Emerald S4
with low miles that I have committed to buy.

Chris Nagano (Pres. of our local chapter of the QClub) is infected with
the same virus and has spotted a S6 sedan as well.
She is selling her V8, a 1990 with 80K Miles, Burgundy/Platinum, perfect
shape, new tires, etc, for a great price. Anybody interested should call
her at 310-212-7852.

My sons S4 is so awesome. I just got to have one for me (actually told
the Mrs. it was for her....).

Oh my God. So many Audi's...so little time
Paul Rivera
83 Ur-Q
90 V8 (for one more week)
91 200 TQW
93 S4
94 S4 coming soon I hope.