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86 4ks throttle linkage

Hi all,

Well, lunch was fun.  Driving along running errands normally, and suddenly
there's a lot of resistance about halfway through the throttle travel.  I'm
on the highway and so don't pull over right away.   Get off at the next exit 
and pop the hood.  Seems the linkage rod between the end cruise diaphragm 
and the throttle plate pivot had come apart.  It was still connected at the
ends and so when the throttle opened too far, the rod came back and jammed
against the ISV boot.  Fair enough.  Removed the remainder of the rod and
everything is fine.  Just about make it home (actually, turning off of the
highway) and the throttle pedal goes limp.  Coast to a flat spot.  Ughhh,
Seems the linkage at the top of the throttle pedal lever has come apart.

I played contortionist (boy is my neck sore and hand and arm scratched up) 
and rigged about a temporary connection with cable ties and limped the 
little beast home.

So, it seems the cable has an "L" shaped fitting on the end. This looks like
it was riding in a foam rubber bushing in a little diecast plate with another
pulley shaped piece of foam rubber mounted to the plate which is pressed thru
and eye in the end of the throttle pedal lever.  Sound familiar to anyone.

The L shaped fitting seems to have been pulled out of the foam (disintegrated)
probably when the cable was meeting increased resistance from the jammed cruise
linkage rod.  

So, a couple of questions:

Anyone worked on this before and found a diagram in the Bentley?  (I couldn't)

Anyone know if the rubber bushing is available separately, or what level of
subassembly I'll have to buy?  Or if its available new?  (I'm skeptical of
a 10-15 year old used piece of foam)  Dealer not too helpful over the phone.

More importantly, is there any little piece of hardware that helped anchor
the "L" fitting in the foam bushing, or does it just rest in there?

Thanks in advance for any help.  All my nifty manuals and tools aren't 
helping me here, and I don't trust my nylon cable tie setup for long.


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