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Re: A4 1.8T gearsets (FWIW)

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From: Fluhr <ejfluhr@austin.ibm.com>


>However, the 1.8t quattro has lower gearing to make up for the
>effects of the AWD drivetrain.  I think the well-designed 1.8t is the
>for the "phenominal cosmic power".  ;-)

The Euro-model A4 1.8T quattro (8D2 0H5, trans DJJ, rear diff DAJ) and the
fwd 1.8T (8D2 0H4, trans DHW) have the following gearsets 1st through fifth:

DJJ: 34/9, 37/17, 40/28, 35/34, 31/37    final drive 35/9
DHW: 35/10, 36/17, 39/30, 35/34, 31/37 final drive 37/10

soooo.... the quattro does indeed have tighter gearing in the low gears and
a shorter (numerically higher final drive).

There are a zillion different gearboxes, so all usual disclaimers apply...

Jouko Haapanen
Pori, Finland