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re: Back-up transportation

Ummmm, not to fan the embers of a dying thread, but I finally have an entry
into this issue.  Since the 911 has been my only transportation ever since
my '90 V8q lost the tussle with the Audi-eating stump on the day before
Thanksgiving; I was beginning to think it wasn't going to happen...

But now the Porker has company in the garage, a '91 Pearescent
White/Platinum V8Q with a 5-speed manual tranny and something under 100K on
it!  Not only that, but the radio, which the first owner bitched about so
much that the dealer finally swapped out for one from a '92 (complete with
automatic antenna in the rear fender), actually works, and very well at

Steering rack is "seeping," as are a couple of hydraulic hoses, and I got a
brief flash from the "bomb" light under hard braking, so I can see the Audi
gods gleefully rubbing their hands in anticipation. On the other hand, I
bought it enough under the market to pay for these items when the time
comes.  Interior and exterior look like it just came off the showroom
floor, it has been *well* cared-for by both previous owners.

Did I mention anything about it being "drop-dead gorgeous?"  And *believe*
whomever it was earlier who mentioned that this thing really scoots when
the tach sees 4000!

Looks like I'm gonna have to get a *second* jug of vinegar to keep in the Q...

As to which one is actually my "back-up," hmmmmmm...

BTW, I owe a lot of folks replies, but being with only one set of wheels
has left me with a bunch of diferred errands that will keep me hoppin' for
a while first.  Xin Loi, but there it is...

Yer kindly ol' Unka Bart