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Re: used car prices

>Interesting and has some picture that I've not seen before. More interesting
>is further on in the mag - page 100. Dave Walker updates readers on what
>must be some on going tuning work on a quattro. This car has now had a 20v
>engine fitted, complete with all the matching electronics. (The car is
>tornado red, E614 KYM) now I'm not pointing a finger (much) and it might be
>kosher but I wonder where that engine came from?

I know the owner of this car and the engine was purchased from Peter Bassett
... I know because the buyer was going to let ME buy it (complete with
harnesses, all brackets, IC, etc.) for my '85 Ur-Q -- he wasn't sure he was
up for all the work the 10v to 20v swap would entail -- but I had to pass
because my girlfriend and I had just agreed I wouldn't spend any more money
on "toys" for my cars until we buy a larger house.  I should have gone for
it anyway -- girlfriends are easy to replace, right? -- but getting it
packaged up and shipped to me here in the US wasn't going to be easily
accomplished, which made the decision somewhat easier ... oh, well.  

>The article mentions that their tuning target is 350bhp, which they refer
to as "apparently quite
>conservative by quattro 20 valve standards". OK, Lee Wong has got 550bhp in
>his 20v, but its cost him the thick end of 25000GBP to get there so I might
>keep an eye on this magazine to see how things go.

As of two days ago, the car was cutting sub-6 second 0-60 times ... I
believe 5.8 is its best so far.  I also know the owner will soon be dumping
the Bosch Motronic system for a custom one that he designed ... should be
interesting to read about as work progresses.   :^)

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