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Re: Luxo cruiser 200Qs (was:used car prices)

Arun, Derek:  I totally agree with you for short radius turns.  But I think
that with the 225-50/16s I run in the summer the car is just awesome on
those roads where you can run 60 - 100 through the curves -- nearly
untouchable by anything else with 4 doors and 4 seats.  This is a luxo barge
that will make some serious time in the mountains.

Ralph Poplawsky
'91 200Q

At 02:34 PM 1/14/98 -0800, you wrote:
>Derek Daily wrote:
>> S4/200:
>> Now I know I'm gonna draw some jeers here (Arun's going to get ticked
>> at me;-), but these things are big luxo cruisers.
>	Actually, no argument there, Derek. They do fine on the twisties, 
>	but they don't pretend to like it very much. I had mine at
>	Thunderhill and remember thinking that it would have been
>	a lot more fun in small nimble car ... gobs of power notwithstanding.
>	Mine is bone-stock, though .. 
>	-Arun
>	'91 200Q
>	'85 5KT