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Re: 86 5kCSQ jerks when deacclerated

> The characteristic you describe is always present, but can be
> aggrivated(severely) by a large crack in the intercooler->throttle body
> hose.  However, other symptoms abound; trouble starting up out of 1st, and
> problems getting boost(and missing at anything near 1.1 bar.)
> Still pull the hose of and check it out(always a good thing to check
> regularly anyways.)
> PS:question was added to the QFOM.

	I think you are right. I am also experiencing the starting 
	problem. The starting problem happens in 2 cases.

	1- If I am driving, and accidently left the clutch while
	   the car was not in the right gear, and the engine stalled.
	   The car won't start. I have to wait for somewhere around
	   3-5 minutes, and then it will start right away.
	2- If I didn't crank the engine enough durring my first attempt 
	   to start. The subseqeunt attempts will fail to start the car.
	   Again have to wait for 3-5 minutes, and things will be hunky 
	   dory (spelling ?) after that.

	Beside starting problem, my boost is also not that great, and
	there is also some missing. 

	I just checked and found out that the hose is teared from the
	bottom. This weekend I will replace it and will give you an 

	Thanks for the nice tip.
	Fremont, CA (USA)
	1986 5kCS Q, 180k