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RE: Whoa! [lighting]

> From: glen powell <gpowell@acacianet.com>
>lights that come on _only_ with the high beams. Fog lights, on the other
>hand, should only be used in the presence of fog that is thick enough
>that the low-beams dazzle so badly that they are unusable, and
>therefore the fogs should be used alone, _without_ the low beams, or
>their purpose is totally defeated. All strictly IMFO. Those that refuse

Ahh, you forgot one great use for fog lights:  bad roads.  I live in the
Washington DC area, and at night my fogs go on shortly after I enter
downtown DC, to put more down-focused light on all the potholes and other
various debris (hypodermic needles, dead bodies, etc.) strewn about the
street.  I find they're also useful on roads that are being resurfaced,
when the road is in the middle stage where the top layer has been scraped 
off, but they haven't resurfaced it yet -- resulting in all the manhole
covers sticking an inch or two above the roadway.  Thanks to unpredictable
weather conditions and a poorly-managed local goverment, it's not uncommon
to drive on streets that are in the middle stage for a couple weeks before
they're resurfaced.

97 A4 1.8tq <-- whose insurance rates will be going up 45% when I move 4 
miles down the road, to DC proper, next month