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Re: V8 Stuff (Manual vs. Automatic transmission)

In a message dated 98-01-18 00:43:06 EST, Ray wrote:

<< I think it is great that we all drive Audis, Quattros and Synchos
 irrespective of transmission. I also think it is great that we are
 interested enough and enthusiastic enough to care about what we drive. >>
I agree. Car enthusasts drive both. My 90v8 auto in sport mode with the engine
singing at around 4grand is truly sweet. This car's tranny was designed for an
enthusiatic driver. 
IMHO it really depends on the car. Some cars are more successful as autos
while others excel as 5 speeds. My 81 4k was great as a 5 speed  My 84 5k was
not. The clutch was heavy and the 1-2 & 2-3 shifts were too slow. My 87 5k was
more enjoyable as a slushbox. I've driven a '93 100CSQ with a 5sp and found
its clutch heavy as well. I've also driven the A430v with sport suspension and
loved the 5sp in that car. My '93 ataiM 5 speed is an absolute blast to drive.
(Except in snow)
BTW, Unka Bart how do you find the shifting on your *new* v8?

Bernie Dubin
'90 v8
'91 MPV (wife's)
'93 ataiM