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WTB: 1 Dunlop SP8000 215/50 VR15 w/~50% tread

I took in a wheel to have a small nail removed from the center of the tread
... hey, not too likely this will make the tire irrepairable ...

Well, the tire had sidewall damage as well, so I need a new tire.  I must say
I've had the worst luck with tires on the M/C lately, and now the urq ...

I figured I'd see if someone out there had an odd tire lying around that
they'd like to part with.  The tire I lost had about 7/16" of tread remaining
... not really that far away from the center wear markers.  If you've got one
that will fill the bill please reply via direct e-mail.


Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)